An Important Message from:
Painting with Rita


Well, Everyone,

Painting with Rita is now officially closed.

You may have noticed that we had to cancel many of our events in late 2017, early 2018, due to lack of registrations.  And the events that we did have, were, for the most part, very small (up until we announced our closing).  As much as we enjoyed painting with all of you, it was just no longer financially feasible to keep the business up and running.

For those of you who expressed interest and concern regarding the issue Rita developed in her right eye, worry no more!  At a pre-op re-check it was discovered that Rita’s eye is healing on it’s own, and the surgery has been cancelled!  Many thanks for all your prayers and healing energy!

We want you to know how very grateful we are to all of you – especially our frequent painters – for joining us so regularly, and inviting all your friends.  We had such a wonderful time getting to know you, sharing with you the joyful and meditative experience that painting can be, and watching your creativity blossom.

The company for which I was previously a licensee, Painting & Vino, will be working with Sammy’s, Hacienda Del Rio, and Trading Post Originals, to come in after April to replace our events.

We want you all to know that Mark & I, both, value your friendship, and we hope that you keep in touch, and that you will all continue to explore your artistic sides, and as always . . .