Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of paint do we use?
    Painting with Rita uses acrylic paints which are water-based and non-toxic. These paints wash off with soap or a little laundry detergent and warm water. We keep a spray-bottle on hand at our events, in case you drip or splatter, and it’s best if we address any spills while the paint is still wet. Sometimes, the white paint can be more difficult to remove, so for white, or dried-on spots on colorfast clothing, a little ammonia (or Windex), warm-to-hot water, and a small nail brush works wonders.
  • What should I wear?
    While Painting with Rita does provide aprons for you to wear during our events, it’s best to wear something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on, as splatters can happen. If you notice a drip or splatter while you’re still at the event, we can assist you in removing it.
  • What is the Cancellation Policy?
    Painting with Rita has a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. If you need to cancel or move your reservation, you must notify us by email (, or text/phone call (916-250-2797), at least 24 hours prior to the start of your event. We may not always have the opportunity to respond right away, but as long as we receive your email, text, or voice message, we will move your reservation or refund your fee if you need to cancel.
  • Does Painting with Rita do private events?
    You bet we do! We do team-building events, holiday parties, birthday parties, book club parties, bridal & baby shower painting parties, as well as fundraisers, charity events, and more. We can book these at any one of our regular venues, at a private home or office, or at another venue of your choosing depending on availability and their amenability to having painting events at the chosen location. Our minimum number of guests for a private event is 8, although some more distant locations may require a higher minimum to cover our travel expenses. The more advance notice you can provide, the bigger chance you’ll have of getting the day/date you want! Email or call 916-250-2PWR (2797) for more information.
  • What about kids? Great question!
    • Several of our Painting with Rita venues prefer to stick with a paint-&-sip format, so the adults can take a break and enjoy some wine or cocktails while they eat and paint, and so we book those events as ages 21 and up only.
    • However, we do have currently one Painting with Rita location that welcomes kids to our painting events, and at this venue we can book guests ages 12 and up. PLEASE NOTE: any minors (those age 17 and under) must be accompanied by a participating adult.
      • This location is Sammy’s Restaurant in the Stone’s Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights (The restaurant is at the back of the Gambling Hall, and has its own entrance around back facing Hwy 80).
      • Children younger than twelve may have a problem sitting and painting for the 2-3 hours we usually allot for our regular events. If you have children under age 12 who are interested in painting, we recommend doing a private event either just for the kids, or for a family-group with a mix adults, teens, and children ages 8 to 12. We can do shorter events with smaller canvases and an easier subject matter that everyone would be able to complete. (We have done this type of private event for Brownie troops working on their painting badges!) Contact us for more information on private events: Email or call 916-250-2PWR (2797)
      • We do not recommend this type of event for children under the age of eight (8).
  • What is the Painting with Rita Loyalty Program?
    Our Loyalty Program has been UPGRADED! This program is designed for guests who paint with us frequently. For every 4 paid registrations (instead of the previous 5) you make for Painting with Rita events, we will send you a code for a free registration for your 5th event. (If you book a private event with us, each paid guest will receive a loyalty point. If you pay for their registrations, then you can choose to let them each have a loyalty point, or keep them all for yourself!)
  • What is the Painting with Rita Birthday Club?
    When you join our Loyalty Program, all you have to do is enter the month and day of your birthday, and you will automatically be entered into our Painting with Rita Birthday Club. Then when your birthday rolls around, you’ll receive a promotion code for a free registration to any of our regularly scheduled open (not private or fundraiser/charity) events. So you can gather up your friends and/or family members and come celebrate with us!
  • Where can I find the photos from my Painting with Rita event?
    All the photos taken during our events can be found on our Facebook page at: If you’re a frequent painter and a member of our Painting with Rita Loyalty Program, you may want to Like us on Facebook, so you’ll always be up to date with new paintings and any new information that comes available.
  • When can I register?
    Painting with Rita events for each month are posted and open for registration on the 20th of the preceding month. So the September events will be posted on August 20th, October events on September 20th, and so on. To assist you with planning, we may post the actual dates for the month early – but might not have the specific painting for that date posted until the 20th. Also note, that until the paintings are posted and the events are open for registration, these dates are subject to change.
  • What does my registration include?
    Booking your reservation for Painting with Rita pays for your painting supplies and 2-3 hours of painting instruction. You are encouraged to enjoy the delicious food and beverages at all our locations while you paint, and these can be purchased separately through our venue partners for additional cost during the event. With the exception of private event venues, and prior arrangements, none of our venues allow you to bring in your own food or beverages.
  • How do I redeem my gift vouchers/certificates?
    • Gift vouchers are redeemable online at
    • The calendar for each month opens on the 20th of the preceding month.
    • Select your preferred event by clicking on the painting of your choice
    • Then click the “Register For This Event” button
    • Please complete your registration information either by creating your own account, or by logging in as a “guest” on our site
    • Enter the number of seats you are booking, and enter your promotion code in the promotion code box. If you have more than one (1) promotion code, additional codes can only be entered in separate registrations.
    • Be sure to acknowledge our cancellation policy, and then click “Next”
    • If needed, complete your payment information for any additional seats not covered by the gift voucher, then click the “Finalize” button
    • If you do not receive an email confirmation or if you require assistance with your registration, please contact us at 916-250-2PWR (2797) or
    • Important Information:
      • Painting with Rita has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If your reservation is not canceled at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled start time of your event, your Gift Voucher, and any funds submitted, are subject to forfeiture. If you wish to cancel your reservation or move it to another date, please contact us at: 916-250-2PWR (2797) or, at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled event.
      • Your Gift Voucher is not redeemable for SOLD OUT or Private Events